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The Thistle Rose Community Choir is the largest group within the Thistle Rose Academy of Arts family.  With over 35 regular volunteer members, and under the skilled direction of Rachael L. Rose, the Community Choir tackles some of our most ambitious projects as both a large chorus and a theatrical performance group.  

Following the Thistle Rose Academy of Arts mission, the Community Choir encourages all members of the community to join regardless of past experience and "find their voice".  Membership in this group is open, and auditions are not required to participate.  Talent levels in the group range from professional vocalists to novices, and from seasoned stage actors to people who have never even been on a stage.  The community atmosphere and team focus makes everyone feel like they are welcome and a valuable part of the family. 

With a balanced approach to education and performance, members are offered the chance to enhance their skills through Master Classes, guest coaching, and working alongside seasoned professionals throughout the year.  Each season, the group typically conducts 2 performance events; a Spring concert and a Winter Holiday concert.  Frequently however, our choir members support our theatrical programs by joining in the ensemble cast.  Our members are always growing and looking forward to the next project.

Some of their past performances include:

  • Fauré Requiem

  • Holiday Hearthsong

  • Go! Go! Go! Joe

  • Let's Go to the Movies

  • Bach in Time

  • Rejoice!

  • Farmington Follies: Trinity Goes to Broadway

  • The Public Domain Show

  • Mozart Requiem


(Small ensemble)

Our Chamber Choir is another of the performance groups within the Thistle Rose Academy of Arts.  This is a smaller group (8-24 voices), requires an audition to participate and typically is challenged with much harder works of music with a shorter frame of time to learn them.   Under the direction of Rachael L. Rose, the Chamber Choir small ensemble perform in featured works at concerts and in small public venues.

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Our newest group in the Thistle Rose Academy family is the Thistle Rose Young Artists.  There is a clear need in our community for a safe place for youth artists to learn about music and theater and put that education into practice through performance.

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