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Thistle Rose Academy of Arts

Access to Performing Arts Education at no cost barrier to entry.

Our Story

Thistle Rose Academy of Arts is an inclusive, non-profit, 501c3 organization that invites community members of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels to explore, grow, and practice art-making.

We provide an inclusive and collaborative environment to learn, hone, and share our craft as artists.​

We train and support artists by providing arts education programs.

We provide performance opportunities within the community.
We reach beyond Thistle Rose Academy of Arts to link arms with other organizations who foster education and community service at all levels.

Our Name

Thistle Rose Academy of Arts logo

Thistle Rose Academy of Arts gets its name from the founder's heritage and name.

Rachael L. Rose chose these flowers because each symbolizes more than how they appear to the eye. The Scottish Thistle, the national Flower of Scotland, pays homage to Ms. Rose's heritage which nurtured her love for the arts.​ The significance of the rose grew when Ms. Rose married her husband, Michael Rose. Beyond their beauty, both the thistle and rose have natural protection from the world, a luxury not always given to those pursuing the arts. That protection, or lack thereof, is what drove Ms. Rose to use these two flowers together in harmony as the name of a safe, educational setting for artists and performers. Finally, the use of the flowers in the logo pays homage to Ms. Rose's career in theatre and the ever expanding horizons as represented by the iconic "Comedy & Tragedy" masks motif.

Our Team

* Denotes Board Member

Our Partners and Connected Communities

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