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Theater lights
A microphone in the foreground. Behind is a choir dressed in black, performing


Thistle Rose Academy of Arts is an inclusive, non-profit, 501c3 organization that seeks to engage community members of all ages, walks of life and skill levels to explore, grow and practice all manner of the arts.


From performing arts, to technical arts, to culinary arts and applied arts, we seek to provide a collaborative, safe environment to learn and hone our crafts.  

We seek to train and support artists by providing affordable arts education programs and promoting life-long learning intergenerationally.  

We develop and provide opportunities to perform, practice, perfect and promote the performing and applied arts to all our members, with varying levels of difficulty.

We are a community who seeks out other organizations to partner with to provide awareness, help, charity and enrichment.

We are Dreamers.  We are Visionaries. We are Believers.  We are Artists


Choir and orchestra performing at a church
Small ensemble of singer performing at a Holiday concert
A collage of images showing Thisle Rose young artist performing in a variety of venues

Thistle Rose Community Choir

Large chorus and a theatrical performance group

Following the Thistle Rose Academy of Arts mission, the Community Choir encourages all members of the community to join regardless of past experience and "find their voice".  Membership in this group is open, and auditions are not required to participate.  Talent levels in the group range from professional vocalists to novices, and from seasoned stage actors to people who have never even been on a stage.  The community atmosphere and team focus makes everyone feel like they are welcome and a valuable part of the family.

Chamber Choir

Small Ensemble

Our Chamber Choir is a smaller group (8-24 voices), requires an audition to participate and typically is challenged with much harder works of music with a shorter frame of time to learn them.   Under the direction of Rachael L. Rose, the Chamber Choir performs both in featured works at concerts, and in small public venues.

Thistle Rose Young Artists

Music & theatre education

Our newest group in the Thistle Rose Academy family is the Thistle Rose Young Artists.  There is a clear need in our community for a safe place for young artists to learn about music and theater and put that education into practice through performance.

Community concert choir with orchestra performing the Mozart Requiem


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